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OnCourt Offcourt is the leader in creative training tools and aides for tennis. Bouncing onto the scene in 1994, USPTA and PTR professional, Joe Dinoffer, built his vision of a center where tennis up and comers, and pros alike could find everything they were looking for. They are focussed on getting you to your best game by providing access to equipment, information, and even industry support.

More than just a product provider, OnCourt OffCourt is a leader in instructional resources, creating their own series of DVDs. The DVDs feature OnCourt OffCourt founder Joe Dinoffer as he walks you through comprehensive tips to help with everything from playing, to coaching.

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Joe’s master status means that you are in safe hands, learning from a professional. OnCourt Offcourt knows the importance of good coaching, and good equipment. Their 10 and under range invests in the future of the game, and their instructional videos are not to be missed.

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Resources & Services

Instructional DVDs and Books

OnCourt OffCourt


All instructional resources come straight from Joe Dinoffer. Joe’s extensive achievements and industry knowledge mean that you will receive the best of the best in instruction. However, it is Joe’s teaching style and a knack for instruction that will take your game to the next level.

Joe Dinoffer has conducted clinics and exhibitions in over 50 countries, logging over 30,000 hours of instruction in English, Spanish, and German. He has received many prestigious awards in the industry, culminating in being awarded the Master Professional status, only awarded to a select few in the tennis industry.

Author and editor of 9 books and 22 DVDs; he has written over 200 articles and continues to write for several leading tennis magazines. He is a regular guest on the tennis channel and has been a frequent speaker at national and international tennis conferences, having conducted over 250 workshops since 1995.

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Product Submissions

Oncourt OffCourt stays ahead of the game by understanding that although the game stays the same, the market changes. They accept submissions for new products throughout the year. They are not only open to stocking new products, but also to supporting new ideas to incorporate to their creative training aid database.

Strategic Partners

OnCourt Offcourt understands that the tennis industry can be overwhelming to navigate at times. To that end, they have created their strategic partner’s page. OnCourt Offcourt’s mission is for you to be serving the best game you possibly can.

Strategic Partners gives you access to job listings and other learning websites. If you are looking to improve your game, or take it to the next level, Strategic Partners provides the player to coach match-ups, as well as the player to player match-ups.

It is also the place to go for drill website directory and even college recruiting.

Private Label Manufacturers

OnCourt Offcourt has been delivering quality products behind the scenes for over 20 years. As industry leaders, they provide above industry-standard equipment to companies like USAPA (United States Pickleball Association) and Gopher.

Affiliate Program

The OnCourt OffCourt Affiliate Program gives partners the opportunity to find the best of the best in the Tennis world. Because OnCourt OffCourt is not limited to products, but to industry information as well, it attracts many repeat visitors. While most online sporting goods suppliers are just that, suppliers of goods, OnCourt OffCourt has visitors looking to improve their game in between purchases as well.

This means that an affiliate partnership with OnCourt OffCourt leaves all parties with a higher turnover, and therefore more satisfying partnership all around.


OnCourt Offcourt is an international distributor, distributing its products to Australia, Canada, China, Germany and more. It’s product ranges are suited to home courts, college training, community centers, professional training, and general skill development. They offer free shipping on most orders over $350 within the United States. Free shipping can also be arranged to Canada, Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico.

Below are just a selection of their extensive product range.

Ball Machines

At OnCourt OffCourt you will find a wide selection of ball machines from all your favorite manufacturers. Ace Attack, Lobster, Playmate, and more. Shopping for a ball machine is a big investment. You want to look for the machine that gives you control on and off-court. The large range of ball machines means that you will find the right machine for you whether you are a coach, organization, or individual.

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Oncourt OffCourt

From the big guns, like ball machines, to the tiny but crucial equipment like balls, you will find a wide selection here. The smallest tool in your kit, your tennis ball makes all the difference to your game. Balls to train beginners, balls to challenge the pro, there are lots to browse. You may already know what works for you, in that case, you will also find the perfect place to restock right here.

Your tennis ball defines your game and your experience. If you are looking to improve your skill level, or just stay sharp, your selection of balls is crucial to your game.


This is where we get down to the little details that make your court the smoothest setting for game experience possible. We are talking benches, clipboards, recycling bins; all the little trappings that mean your players have a place to rest, or cart replacement wheels for smooth transitions, every little detail is covered.

Net Systems

Oncourt OffCourt


With a deep understanding of your court needs, you will find the largest selection of nets to suit your home court, professional court, or portable game.

Target Practice

Target practice is an excellent way to stay focused. You can find target practice equipment here for both solo practice and partner practice.

Fitness Tools

Oncourt OffCourt



Fitness tools go beyond the court and right into the routine of your players. Behind the game is so much more than swing and equipment. It is about movement, positioning, and balance. With a wide range of fitness tools, you can get your body in the best shape to give your game the support it deserves.

OnCourt OffCourt is the place where product quality, industry knowledge, and skill development all come together.