I’ve been fascinated with the idea of pickleball since the first time I heard of it. To be honest, I thought the person who mentioned it to me initially was joking when I heard the name. He was an older gentleman, but I finally realized that he wasn’t kidding when he was passionately describing it. I wasn’t particularly impressed at first, as I figured it was just something for old folks to play.

But then my brother-in-law started telling me about it, and I became intrigued. He is a little older than me, but super competitive, so I knew it couldn’t be something designed to kill time like bingo or shuffleboard. He talked me into coming out to his club and giving it a try, and then proceeded to destroy me. But that didn’t matter – at that point I was hooked.

Since then I have improved – both from study and from practice. And that is where PickelballAce.com comes from – a desire to both enjoy and get better at this game that continues to grow in popularity. Hopefully that comes through in the articles and reviews on this site. And if you have an interesting story about pickleball, please share it.