Is Pickleball An Olympic Sport?

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It’s exciting watching the Olympic games occurring in different parts of the world as continents come together to witness the different and competitive talents in the world. We watch favorite sports like football, handball, tennis ball but some fans wonder when Pickleball will appear on our screens during the Olympic Games.

Many people are not aware of this upcoming game and others only watch it on the internet. Pickleball is fast growing in the United States and other parts of the globe.

The game began back in 1965 and is growing fast with many audiences find it fun and interesting. It resembles badminton, ping-pong and tennis ball; in singles and doubles.

The winning side should score eleven points. When a game gets into Olympic sports, this is an indication of its legitimacy in the world of games.

Many are still wondering if pickleball will ever qualify to be in the Olympics; and the arguments below will help us get a solution.

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Pickleball’s Growing Popularity

You may start a game in your own hometown as a way of fighting boredom, but making it known is a hard task. It is interesting how this game is growing at a fast rate with many finding it fun.

Although its growth is high in the United States, other countries are aware of the game due to social media and they are showing interest.

The qualifications for Pickleball to become an official Olympic sport need at least 75% of the countries, from at least four continents, in addition to male athletes include at least 40% of women athletes.

The International Federation of Pickleball is doing an amazing campaign of spreading the sport worldwide. As for now the sport doesn’t meet the population criteria.  Considering the rapid increase of games, we may be watching these games in the Olympics in 2024.

Its Similarity with Other Games

Its Similarity with Other Game

If you watch this sport keenly, you will observe many characteristics of other sports in it like Tennis, badminton and ping-pong. The rules and guidelines are almost similar to other netted games.

With these games in the Olympics, it will not be challenging for Pickleball to find its place as the next new Olympic sport. The sport is entertaining and fun.

The game has less complicated rules and guidelines, which makes it easy to understand for new athletes. This game will spark interest for athletes to follow and take part in the game.

Countries will want to participate and even host a sporting event because the resources the game requires are not difficult to obtain. If people watch badminton why not pickleball?

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Following International Conditions

Apart from popularity, the International Olympic committee expects the Pickleball athletes to meet the Anti-doping rules. There is a rise in doping and the authorities will vet all athletes.

International federations ensure honesty and transparency and each player is accountable for their actions.

The sports rules should undergo standardization all over the world.

We hope the sport will be recognized and be transitioned into the Olympics very soon. It is just a matter of time.  Before you know it we will find ourselves watching a new Olympic sport.

Growing Hope in New IOC System

For many years the inclusion of a new sport in the Olympics meant that another sport was expelled. A new system of rules will be implemented as of 2020.  This a great opportunity for the athletes.

The Committee will allow three floating slots for any sport that meets all conditions required to be part of the Olympics. Although the rules go into effect only next year, we remain optimistic that pickleball will get a slot by 2024.

The new system requires that any sport that wish to participate in the Olympics must submit to a vetting. We are confident that pickleball will be vetted successfully.

Pickleball Inclusivity

It’s interesting to find a sport where a 60 year old athlete is playing in the same court with a 20 year old. The sport cuts across all ages.

With such a large range of players, it will attract more participants.  This will quickly draw pickleball closer to the day it is nominated into the Olympics.

Can you imagine how fascinating it will be to witness athletes of different ages participate and compete in the sport? This scenario will soon be a reality, as our teams will compete before our eyes.

Success in First Pickleball Championship

The Success in First Pickleball Championship

The legitimacy of a sport grows as it participates in championships and the Olympics. Pickleball players’ can be found in the United States open championships.  An indicator of this sport’s rapid growth.

The large number of audiences attending the tournaments is clear evidence that the sport is growing at a fast pace. You can see more people talking about the game across social media.

Expect to see more of this sport as it finds its way into the Olympic world.

Participation of New Sports in 2020

We are already aware of the sports that are new to the Olympics of 2020, for example, baseball, softball, skateboarding, sports climbing, karate, and surfing.

When one of these games fails to conform to Olympic standards then you can count on seeing pickleball stepping in to contend for a spot.

Let’s continue actively promoting pickleball to reach this goal. Although it’s a tough journey to get into the Olympics, pickleball has a chance. We need to remain optimistic and continue to spread the word.

Every sport in the Olympics shares a similar story of origin like pickleball.  Since pickleball shares some similarities with badminton and tennis, it stands a good chance to find its following in the Olympics.