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What is Tennis Elbow:

If you have been doing a lot of gardening, painting, manual work in general, or even just playing pickleball, and you have noticed a pain in your elbow, you might have tennis elbow.

Tennis elbow is the common term for lateral epicondylitis, a muscular injury caused by overuse and muscle strain. What happens is that over time, as you repeat your motion — which may be small — the repetition can make tiny tears in your tendons and misshapen your elbow. Not to mention, be very painful.

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Who’s at risk?

There are a few factors to take into consideration when it comes to the risk associated with tennis elbow. It’s not, as you may think, restricted to tennis players at all.

It’s most common to occur in adults between the ages of thirty to fifty. The joints are changing but your activities are likely still at full speed.

Jobs commonly associated with tennis elbow are plumbers, painters, butchers; anyone who is doing repetitive motions with a lot of physical exertion.

And of course, racquet sport players.

You may have tennis elbow if…

You feel a pain starting from the outside of your elbow and pulsing out through our forearm and wrist. The pain may be intermittent or consistent, but this may be a sign of tennis elbow. Have you noticed that your hands shake, or you’re having more trouble than usual when you try and grip an object, shake hands, or turn a doorknob? You might be exhibiting signs of tennis elbow.

Top Five Braces for Tennis Elbow:

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Mueller Adjustable


The Mueller Adjustable is a great everyday brace that really suits almost all purposes. It comes with a gel disc providing support and comfort. Depending on where you place the disc, the brace can help with a myriad of things ranging from simple gardening to the treatment of medial epicondylitis (golfer’s elbow).

It’s super lightweight and has an antimicrobial treatment that helps to fight against the bacteria that causes odor. As you can imagine, this is a great feature in a daily brace when you’re sweating it out on the court or in the yard.

It’s also neoprene free, which can be difficult to find in a brace, causing issues to those with neoprene irritation.

At just over ten dollars, the Mueller Adjustable is great value for money, and can also be bought in a pack of two.

To Use:

For support, put the gel disc on the outside of the forearm and below the elbow. If you reverse the placement of the gel disc to the inside of your forearm, you’ve now got yourself a golfer’s elbow treatment.

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Simien Sport


When you purchase the Simian Sport you will also receive an e-book called ‘Addressing Tennis Elbow Pain’. The e-book covers how to use the straps, general information when it comes to treating your elbow, as well as how to prevent further problems.

The simple design means that it can be maneuvered to address several problems. It comes with gel pads, as being a higher quality product than your standard air pads.

It’s made of 65% neoprene for breathability and 35% nylon. It does have an element of latex in the logo so that’s a consideration if you’re sensitive. It’s nylon component makes it one size fits all.

Downside: The Simien Sport only comes in packs of two, so there’s no being economical here. However…

Bonus: The Simien Sport also comes with a sweat headband. This won’t help your elbow in any way, but who doesn’t love a freebie?

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McDavid 489 Elbow Strap For Tendonitis And Tennis Elbow

The McDavid Strap offers more heavy-duty support for tennis elbow sufferers. It’s officially classified at the ‘level 2 protection’ as it covers more of the forearm than your regular strap.

This advanced strap uses Sorbothane pads to compress the troubled area. These are similar to gel pads but not quite the same. It gives it a more comfortable cushioning and less traction that can lead to pinching.

It’s design means that you can wear it on either the right or the left arm, while it’s simple clasp mechanism makes personal contouring easy.

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Zensah Compression Tennis Elbow Sleeve

We’ve thrown this sleeve into the mix because sometimes you need some daily wear relief. The Zensah Compression Tennis Elbow Sleeve is made from a nylon-spandex blend and is extremely breathable.

It’s antimicrobial properties mean you can wear it all day and it won’t be worse for wear. Not to mention it’s thin design making it perfect for under-shirt wear.

It’s cuff is no-slip, so you won’t be fidgeting all day under your clothes as you receive all-day support with full range of motion. It’s lightweight fabric also means it can be folded or moved according to where you need the pressure the most.

You can also wear this sleeve to prevent injury, not just treat it. Wearing the sleeve during your activity will stabilise your muscles and offer general support so you don’t strain yourself.

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Bracoo Tennis-Golfer Elbow Strap

The Bracoo Strap is simple yet effective. It’s a one size fits all design reaching to 11.5 inches in diameter. It’s minimalist design means that though it does the one job, it does it’s job well.

It’s compression pad is made of eva, which is a type of plastic that isn’t exactly plastic (polymer) that has the flexibility and softness of rubber, while being resistant to UV rays and with the classic waterproof properties.

Materials: 65% polyester, 15% rubber, 12% nylon, and 8% Spandex.

It’s definitely not the prettiest of the bunch, but if you’re looking for bang for your buck, for a basic high-quality support system, look no further.

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How to Care for Your Elbow Brace:

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Hand washing is always the most gentle way to care for your brace. After you’ve given it a wash, lay it out flat to dry. Your brace can also be washed on delicate in a washing machine, but this may affect velcro.