Best Pickleball Gloves of 2023

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Pickleball gloves are a useful accessory for players who suffer from blisters on their hands after long periods of play. Gloves also help those that struggle with sweaty hands, or need help strengthening their grip on the paddle handle.

During the cold winter months, wearing a pickleball glove helps to prevent a player’s hand from becoming too cold to grip the paddle effectively.

Some pickleball gloves are the same as racquetball gloves, and racquetball gloves can be used for pickleball. There is no difference between the two gloves, and both protect the player’s hands and improve their grip.

Top 5 Best Pickleball Gloves

Pickleball gloves are designed to protect your hands and improve your game. When buying pickleball gloves or racquetball gloves for pickleball, the most important aspects to consider are price, comfort, fit, and whether the glove is made of breathable material.

Comparison Chart

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HEAD Leather Racquetball Glove – Renegade Extra Grip Breathable Mesh Glove – Large, Right Hand
513UCBQlUEL. SL500
HEAD Leather Racquetball Glove – Web Extra Grip Breathable Glove for Right & Left Hand – Right, Large
41G1Ul99TXL. SL500
Python Vintage Synthetic Racquetball Glove, Right Hand – Large
411Sr5XaI4L. SL500
Python Deluxe Racquetball Glove, Left Hand – Medium
41ikZXoY9fL. SL500
Franklin Sports Pickleball Single Glove-Right Hand – Adult-Medium

Head Leather Racquetball Glove — Renegade Extra Grip

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The Head series of pickleball-worthy racquetball gloves is designed with a flexible material that makes these gloves durable and comfortable. Head’s Renegade Extra Grip glove has a textured leather strap across the palm to provide a strong grip.

ColorsGrey and black
MaterialLeather, COOLTECH Spandex, and Microfiber
Hand orientationLeft or right
Half finger or full fingerFull

Head Leather Racquetball Glove — Web Extra Grip Breathable Glove

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The synthetic leather material of the Head Leather Racquetball Glove makes it ultra-light and highly flexible. When using this glove for pickleball, your hand remains cool from the ventilated spandex fabric, while your knuckles are fully protected by extra padding in dive shots.

ColorsBlack and red
Hand orientationLeft or right
Half finger or hull fingerFull

Python Vintage Synthetic Racquetball Glove

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The Python Vintage Synthetic Racquetball Glove is made of synthetic leather with lock stitching for durability. With an elasticized network back ensuring a perfect fit, the Python Vintage Synthetic keeps your hand cool and comfortable. When using this glove for pickleball, the elasticized wrist band secures the position of the glove, preventing it from creeping up.

SizesXS–XL (left hand) or XXL (right hand)
ColorsBlack and white
MaterialSynthetic leather
Hand orientationLeft or right
Half finger or full fingerFull

Python Deluxe Racquetball Glove

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With its perforated cabretta leather palm material allowing for breathability, this Python Deluxe Glove is sweat-resistant, making it stand out because of its suitability for indoor and outdoor pickleball games. The elasticized back ensures the best fit, and the padding on the index and middle fingers provide full protection in dive shots.

SizesXXS (right hand) or S (left hand)–XL (left hand) or XXL (right hand)
ColorsBlack and blue
Hand orientationLeft or right
Half finger or full fingerFull

Franklin Sports Pickleball Single Glove

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The Franklin Sports Pickleball Single Glove’s leather palm makes it strong and durable, while the glove’s advanced design offers high quality. The adjustable wrist strap offers a comfortable fit with on and off pull tabs for quick and easy removal.

Hand orientationLeft or right
Half finger or full fingerHalf

Pickleball Gloves for Cold Weather

Pickleball winter gloves made of leather or synthetic leather are ideal for outdoor winter play because they keep the hands warm, allowing supple, flexible finger movement — essential for optimum performance.

Many pickleball gloves are made of netting for breathability, which prevents the hands from sweating. These gloves are perfect in hot weather, but may not be suitable for outdoor play in extremely cold conditions. When the fingers are cold they tend to stiffen, reducing flexibility and impeding performance.

Tourna Hot Glove Mitt

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The Tourna Hot Glove is a mitten with openings on both sides, making it easy to slip on and off your hand, and insert the pickleball paddle handle through a small opening in the opposite end. Made of breathable fleece, this mitt keeps your hand warm all the time, giving you full flexibility. Direct contact between your fingers and the handle provides a perfect grip for optimal performance.

SizesOne size fits all
Hand orientationAmbidextrous

Best Ladies Pickleball Gloves

There aren’t specific women’s pickleball gloves — pickleball and racquetball gloves are for both men and women, even though women usually have smaller hands than men. However, you can select your glove size according to your needs because most gloves come in a range of sizes.

Some tennis and weightlifting gloves are made specifically for women, but racquetball and pickleball gloves are better for pickleball.

Conclusion: How to Choose Pickleball Gloves

When choosing which pickleball glove to buy, consider your game and your needs — players who enjoy an outdoor game in the cold winter months need a glove made of leather or another material that retains heat, while those with sweaty hands will need a more breathable glove made of mesh.

Pickleball gloves come in a wide range of prices. For the longest durability and the best performance, opt for the highest-quality glove that you can afford. A high-quality glove like the Franklin Sports Pickleball Single Glove should last for at least seven seasons.