Best Pickleball Paddle for Advanced Players

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Every top pickleball player knows how much difference the right paddle makes in a game. But what type of pickleball paddle is right for you? That totally depends on you. It all comes down to which pickleball paddle feels right in your hand and helps you deliver the best performance in every game. Many advanced players want a paddle that delivers a strong strike, has an excellent grip, and lasts a long time. Here are five such pickleball paddles. 

Best Pickleball Paddle Reviews

Comparison Chart

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HEAD Fiberglass Pickleball Paddle – Radical Pro Textured Paddle w/ Honeycomb Polymer Core & Comfort Grip
Gearbox CX11E Power – Blue – 7.8oz Pickleball Paddle (Grip 3 5/8″)
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niupipo Explorer Pro Pickleball Paddle – Graphite Carbon Fiber, USA Approved Pickleball Paddles for Sanctioned Tournament Play, Co-Designed by The Top 5 Touring Pro Pickleball Player FAD
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Gamma Compass LH NeuCore Pickleball Paddle with Honeycomb Grip, Textured Graphite Surface, Long Handle Paddle – USAPA-Approved Paddle with Thicker Large-Cell Core – Premium Pickleball Equipment
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Palms-O-Aces Graphite Pickleball Paddle with Cover, Meets USAPA Specs, Lightweight & Durable Racket for Beginner to Professional, Optimized Grip Padded Handle Racket for Indoor & Outdoor Sport, Single

HEAD Fiberglass Pickleball Paddle

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HEAD is a company that provides athletes with high-performance gear to be the best in swimming, winter, and racket sports. A product that will improve your racket skills is the HEAD Fiberglass Pickleball Paddle. From its design to its texture, this pickleball paddle can turn beginners into pros in no time. Here are more features of this paddle. 


The first advantage of this paddle by HEAD is that the company has experience in making such products; therefore, this equipment has been made by one of the best. This gives you confidence that your equipment is reliable and one of the best in the market. 

In addition, the spin texture on this piece of equipment ensures you have a better grip. A better grip ensures you can swing and spin, hitting the pickleball with spectacular precision. Moreover, the 4¼-inch grip is suitable for most people’s hand sizes. This grip size ensures the paddle fits well in your hand. 

HEAD Fiberglass used the most advanced technology when making this pickleball equipment. Thanks to the advanced technology, the developed polypropylene core with an ergo grip adds to the user’s comfort. Moreover, the ergonomic grip is essential in minimizing discomfort, extortion, and contact stress. 

This product will fit your needs if you are looking for pickleball equipment for pros. Its fiberglass finish gives you an excellent feel and enough power to compete in racket games. On top of that, this pickleball equipment is lightweight, giving you a decent amount of spin on the ball. 

Although this equipment has lots of features, it has some flaws too. First, this product is not long-lasting. It gets spongy after using it for some time and then falls apart. So, if you want a more durable paddle, this product is not it. 


  • Suitable for pros
  • Superb grip for shot placement and spin
  • Lightweight
  • Made with the most advanced technology for better performance


  • Not a durable product

Gearbox CX11E Power

The Gearbox sports company is synonymous with manufacturing prime-rated equipment for squash, paddleball, racquetball, and pickleball equipment. A perfect example of such equipment is the Gearbox CX11E power pickleball paddle. This product, created using the most recent technology, won’t let you down when you’re on the court. Here are the fantastic features of this paddle.


This piece of equipment is made out of solid span technology, which the company utilizes for most of its products—the technology results in gear with high-quality carbon fiber that can stand the test of time.

In addition to the carbon fiber’s durability, it also feels great in your hand thanks to the 3K construction of the material, crafted on the perimeter and face of the paddle. This construction gives the user a larger sweet spot, better control, and more spin for more accurate shots. 

Having a larger sweet spot on a pickleball paddle is an added advantage. The larger sweet spot provides the user with the most accurate area in the center of the paddle to hit the pickleball. In short, the enhanced sweet spot will improve your aiming skills. This has to do with the T-700 carbon fiber piles that have been relocated to offer a larger and more convenient sweet spot. 

The thickness of this paddle improves your racket skills. The 11mm thickness of the handle ensures that you can spin and swing well, hitting the ball with excellent precision.

You get a one-year warranty after purchasing this equipment. So, if the paddle becomes faulty or damaged, you can send it back to the producer within the mentioned period. In addition, this product is USA pickleball-approved equipment. In short, this equipment is tried and tested to ensure it meets the set standards. 

On the downside, this paddle’s grip size is inconvenient for some people. Some people have complained that the 3 5/8″ size does not fit the hand as desired. 


  • Carbon fiber design for durability
  • Enhanced sweet spot
  • One-year warranty 
  • Approved by USAPA


  • Small hand grip size

Niupipo Explorer Pro Pickleball Paddle

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The Niupipo brand has realized significant success in the design of intermediate players and beginner’s paddles. They are the leading pickleball paddle sellers online, which is no easy feat. With their entry-level market dominance, they have ventured into the design of performance-level paddles. 

The Niupipo Explorer is the initial performance paddle in their Pioneer Series. If you are a fan of professional pickleball, you have probably seen this paddle’s advertisements. The paddle is being marketed in the hope that it will significantly impact the market. 


The Niupipo Explorer weighs 8 ounces, making it comfortable for the majority of players using it since it is neither too heavy nor too light. Its core is designed from polypropylene honeycomb typical of most current paddles. The brand has also upgraded its honeycomb to create even better paddles. 

It has a surface made of fiberglass that offers extra power to the paddle. Currently, the Niupipo Explorer is created using near-identical materials used in other top models like the Engage Encore. Therefore, you are right to imagine it playing the same way as what you are used to on the courts. However, you will need time to familiarize yourself with this paddle since its head is heavier than other models. 

This implies that it might take a while to have your soft game flowing as you wish, though upon familiarization with the paddle, you will realize peak comfort. Since Niupipo Explorer has a lot of pop, you will not have a lot of adjustment in the power game. 

The paddle is 15.95 inches by 7.87 inches, with a thickness of 0.63 inches. Therefore, it is identical to other superior quality paddles, which are mid-weight and thicker. It has a 4.5-inch handle and a 4.4-inch grip circumference. If your hands are relatively small, you will find the grip bigger than what you may be accustomed to, though it will still provide comfort in girth and length.


  • Great power and pop
  • It helps impart ball spin
  • Classic head shape for maximum playing surface area
  • Longer design for good net reach


  • Big grip for small-handed individuals
  • It takes time to adjust to its feel

Gamma NeuCore Pickleball Paddles

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Gamma NeuCore Pickleball Paddles are the hallmark of pickleball paddles’ elegance. The perfect combination of state-of-the-art innovations like NeuCore technology and honeycomb factory grip makes the paddles advantageous over conventional pickleball paddles. 

In addition, the paddle is perfect for players from all levels, be they professionals or beginners, thanks to its standout specifications. 


When addressing the issue of enhanced strength behind your shots and ultimate ball control and management levels, the leading model is Compass NeuCore from Gamma. It is a pickleball paddle worth all the credit it gets thanks to its latest, state-of-the-art, and up-to-date tech. 

Gamma Compass NeuCore provides an excellent balance of control and power in your playing experience. It has a core that features the ultra-modern NeuCore technology, exclusive to Gamma. 

The paddle is 25% thicker and offers better ball control due to the incorporated NeuCore innovation inside its core. The Compass NeuCore has a face made of textured graphite, offering a considerably better spin than traditional pickleball paddles. 

The paddle has a grip endowed with the proprietary Honeycomb Cushioned Grip from Gamma, making it comfortable to swing around and hold. It has an average weight of 7.7 ounces offering the perfect power amount behind shots. Furthermore, the weight ranks Compass NeuCore among the best middleweight pickleball paddles. 

Though the pickleball paddle has some impressive features, it also has shortcomings. One such drawback is that it does not have an expansive sweet spot due to its narrow construction. This makes smashing the shots in the best way a challenge. As such, the paddle will give you a hard time if you are a novice player.

The paddles are consistent as you use them for the first three months. However, as time progresses, the performance starts deteriorating, and there is almost no pop as you strike the ball. The leading cause of this is the development of dead spots on the paddle’s face. These spots compromise the ability to send balls soaring high. 


  • Excellent weight balance
  • Perfect for players of all levels 
  • Fantastic touch, control, and response
  • More reach with the elongated paddle


  • Narrow construction 
  • Declining performance with time

Palms-O-Aces Pickleball Paddle Racket

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From Palms-O-Aces, this pickleball paddle consists mainly of graphite and polypropylene. It suits all levels of players, whether you are a beginner or an advanced player. The frame material constitutes graphite and weighs around 7.8 ounces. Palm-O-aces are known to create high-quality pickleball equipment for all their style of players, and this graphite pickleball paddle is no different.


A good pickleball paddle gives you precision and power, just like this one. It has a lightweight carbon fiber design with a premium graphite design. With the low but comfortable weight, this paddle lets you swing it all day easily and not be fatigued. It also gives you that extra spin and more control courtesy of its unique UV printing method. In addition, you don’t have to worry about durability as the durable surface lasts much longer than a traditionally painted paddle.

As soon as you have it in your hands, you will first notice the grippy, ergonomic cushion handle and the beautiful sleek design. It constitutes perforated synthetic leather material that prevents it from slipping in sweaty hands. The non-slip grip guarantees the pickleball will not leave your hands or move around when playing. As you use it more, the grip might start pulling away from the handle; this usually happens over time, especially if you are an intense player.

The graphite pickleball paddle is long and gives you more control and better reach. When playing, you also don’t have to worry about damage; the harsh edge will protect the paddle from damage. Even if you swipe on a swing, the paddle will remain durable and keep serving you for many years. 

The makers of these pickleball paddles are so confident in the durability of this graphite pickleball paddle that they offer a one-year warranty to their customers. Palm-O-Aces is a family-owned business that aims to provide top-notch products and services.


  • Beautiful and sleek design
  • Grippy handle
  • It offers more control and better reach
  • Affordable price
  • One-year warranty


  • The grip starts to pull away from the handle after a while


The abovementioned pickleball paddles have excellent durability and deliver great strikes for anyone who likes hitting strong shots. If you want more power, go for heavier paddles that weigh 8 ounces or more. Take your pick from these five, and rest assured you have a paddle that will easily take you through your oncoming games.