Get the equipment for pickleball

One of the great things about the game of pickleball is that it doesn’t require a lot of expensive equipment to play. For the most part all you need are paddles, balls, and a net and you are in business. But there are other accessories like shoes for pickleballpickleball equipment bags, and pickleball shirts that can make the difference between a fun trip to the court and a miserable one.

And while grabbing a cheap pickleball paddle is relatively simple to do, as you get serious about playing you may want to look into more specialized equipment. Not all paddles are created equal, and some will give you a definite advantage when it comes to ball control and placement. Our pickleball equipment section outlines the different gear and products that you should consider if you plan to pursue the sport, or you can read our review of full pickleball equipment sets to get everything you need for a game in one purchase.