Best Pickleball Socks

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Your choice of socks while on a pickleball court plays a critical role in your performance. Choosing the right type of socks allows you to experience greater comfort while avoiding blisters. On the other hand, choosing the wrong type of socks results in struggles as you try to keep your feet dry, and it could also lead to blister formation and discomfort while playing.

Of course, you cannot just head out to the market and get any random pair of pickleball socks. Although various sports socks are designed with fitness in mind, not all can be used during pickleball play. The pickleball game is fast-paced and requires you to run around constantly as you swing your racket on the pickleball court.

Therefore, you need socks that grip your feet properly without causing blisters. They should also be efficient at sweat absorption. Below is a compilation of the best pickleball socks to help you make your decision.

Comparison Chart

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Pickleball Novelty Socks For Women & Men One Size
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Foot Traffic – Men’s Sports-Themed Socks
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The Pickelball Sock by OS1st | 360 degree blister protection
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Zensah Unisex Ankle Tennis Socks
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Super Fly Goods Pickle Baller Pickleball Socks

Best Pickleball Socks Reviews

Pickleball Novelty Socks

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The pickleball novelty socks are your go-to socks if you are into playing pickleball. These one-size-for-all socks are made of 2% spandex and 98% polyester. The size is particularly fitting for women of shoe sizes between 7.5 and 12 and men of sizes between 5.5 and 10.


Pickleball novelty socks are unisex and made using soft and long-lasting combed cotton. They are colorful and vibrant, making them great for sunny days. Additionally, the socks are comfortable and elastic, which minimizes any chance of slipping. The brand behind the socks uses 200 needle count machines to manufacture the socks at a time when most of the competing brands use a 144 needle count. Moreover, the socks are super comfortable and soft and may be machine-washed. 

The hosiery here is a dark foot towel with a needle knit of thickness 200. The socks are excellent gifts for your loved ones, especially for holidays like Christmas, Father’s Day, and birthdays. In addition, you can gift these comfortable-to-wear socks to your boyfriend, grandson, husband, daughter, or wife for casual work or dress wear.

Besides pickleball, these socks can be worn when playing soccer, football, lacrosse, volleyball, field hockey, rugby, and other athletic activities. You can also use them as part of your costume or if you wish to add some flash to an outfit; such a situation makes the green pineapple repeat socks an excellent choice. The socks are calf-high and perfectly complement most gaming shorts.

If you are looking for the perfect gift, pickleball novelty socks are the way to go. However, there are a few precautions to owning these pairs of socks. One of them is that CYMO products require machine washing and drying in reduced heat (below 40°) to preserve them. In addition, you should avoid using bleach at all costs. Instead, consider laundering them inside out to prevent fuzzing and pilling, then hang them to dry. 


  • Excellent quality
  • Cute and bright
  • They are unisex
  • Offer great comfort 


  • Bleach tarnishes them

Foot Traffic Men Socks

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These men’s socks from Foot Traffic are an ideal acquisition for you if you wear US men’s shoe sizes between 7 and 12 or US women’s shoe sizes between 9 and 14. The makers designed these socks with numerous years of experience watching sports and learning how to perfect the best socks for all sporting scenarios. 

In addition, the men’s socks feature toe reinforcement meaning that you will not have your toes busting through the socks, provided you do not wear the socks excessively. They are made using a cotton blend, thus making them breathable, comfortable, and soft. Another upside you’ll love is that the sock’s band does not slide down, nor does it lose its elasticity easily. 


These socks from Foot Traffic let you fully enjoy the delightful pickleball sport. They are brightly colored and fun to wear while playing. Foot Traffic is a reputable brand with more than 30 years of experience providing clients with trendy and creative sock designs that offer excellent value and uncompromised quality.

If you are wondering what to give a special person as a gift, try these pickleball socks, especially if the recipient is a sock collector or lover. They are ideal for get-wells, birthdays, and stocking stuffers. 

For added comfort, the socks are made from a custom blend of nylon, cotton, spandex, and polyester, making them incredibly soft, breathable, and comfortable. In addition, their high-quality construction means they’ll last longer and their seams won’t fall apart. 

The customer service at Foot Traffic is unrivaled, as their greatest concern is customer satisfaction. Therefore, they will readily refund or exchange any goods that fail to satisfy you completely. The grace period for accepting returns is 60 days from when shipping took place, with reimbursements being made per the method you use to pay.


  • Does not slide down
  • Premier sock brand
  • Perfect gift idea
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction
  • Offers extra comfort 


  • They may feel tight for people with big feet
  • Frequent use leads to protruding toes

The Pickleball Sock by OS1st

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These no-show pickleball socks from the OS1st brand will convert you into a believer in the power a great pair of socks can have on the court. Though the model’s design appears minimalist, it is made using nano-bamboo charcoal cushions in regions subjected to high impact, offering added support and impact protection. They also feature an arch band for extra support. Thus, the shoes will not be the sole part of your wear, enhancing your stability. 

The socks also include cooling features that ensure your feet are shielded from overheating through silver-iron technology for enhanced moisture-absorbing characteristics and odor control. The socks are also helpful in the prevention of blisters and facilitate the natural splaying of toes instead of getting a constricted feeling. Finally, the design of the socks has a particular right/left shape to give them an anatomic fit.


The design of these OS1st PB4 socks is explicitly made to elevate your pickleball game to the next level. They are guaranteed to offer you optimal comfort while providing you with outstanding stability throughout pickleball matches by the incorporation of an arch band over its bottom and top surfaces. 

OS1st pickleball socks are made of superior quality materials, which include 79% micro-nylon, 17% bamboo, and 4% lycra spandex for enhanced comfort. Moreover, foot soreness is reduced to zero with blister protection around the heel region. 

The superlight sock fabric features soft tissues on the interior, making the inflow and outflow of air through the socks easy. This helps keep the feet dry and free from sweat over extreme pickleball action. 

These are the perfect pair of socks if you are a fast-moving and agile player, constantly dashing to the kitchen through the baseline since they maintain the friction between the ground surface and your feet. 

The design of these no-show socks is comfortable and made from antibacterial, light nano-bamboo charcoal fiber to keep the feet in the best shape. Lastly, they are tailored with an anti-restrictive gentle gradient compression that facilitates friction relief and circulation. 


  • Shaped to fit your feet
  • Arch/midfoot support structure
  • Ultra comfortable
  • Contoured padding
  • Right/left design for an ideal fit


  • They take a long time to dry

Zensah Athletic Socks

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This is another great pair for those who don’t like socks that rise mid-calf or up to as high as their shin. Although the color choices are only limited to neon pink, yellow, and white, they are still aesthetically pleasing. In addition to wearing them during pickleball matches, you can also wear them when running, exercising, or walking. 


The Zensah pickleball socks are made of 11% spandex, 22% polypropylene, 32% merino wool, and 35% nylon. These materials give it various qualities, such as elasticity, durability, comfort, and grip. 

These socks are great at sweat absorption, which keeps your feet dry and minimizes the chances of slipping. They have mesh panels that allow better air circulation, reducing the chances of moisture build-up. The merino wool greatly contributes to superior moisture wicking, which keeps your feet comfortably dry. It’s also a great way to minimize odors. 

You’ll love these socks if you enjoy soft padding against your feet. They are heavily cushioned to prevent blisters and improve shock absorption associated with sudden movements on the pickleball court. 

You’ll also be pleased to know the socks are machine washable. 


  • Absorbs sweat and moisture well
  • The mesh design improves airflow 
  • Heavily padded for added comfort
  • Machine washable


  • Sizing issues

Super Fly Goods Performance Socks

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These socks from Super Fly Goods, a reputable sports accessories and apparel brand behind a handful of stylish products, are probably the missing piece of your pickleball gear. The brand is known for coming up with funky, fun, and somehow retro-styled goods. These pickleball socks are no different. The brand’s 1970s approach to sports accessories and apparel led to the design of gear that can be worn both on and off the courts. With this particular pair of socks, the brand utilizes a custom blend of nylon, cotton, spandex, and polyester for the material. 


The fabric, a custom blend of spandex, nylon, cotton, and polyester, makes the socks incredibly soft and comfortable on and off the court. In addition, the superior quality design makes them comfortable to wear all day long. 

The retro design of the socks makes them perfect for sports and everyday wear. Incorporate some retro aspect to your pickleball gear with these tennis or pickleball socks in crew-length. The socks have a retro aesthetic look, ventilation lanes, and light cushioning, making them perfectly suited for the pickleball sport. 

A moisture-wicking technology is employed in the design of these socks to complement the air-circulating ventilation blend of the socks. The result is socks that dry incredibly faster than cotton and quickly move sweat away from your skin to keep the feet comfortable and dry. They are just what you need to surprise someone with a gift.

With these socks, you do not need to reserve them for use only during certain days or events. They are designed for everyday use, with their cushioning delivering all-day-long comfort and a secure fit. Additionally, the socks are mid-calf socks, making them perfectly suited to wear with any shoe or sneaker. These socks are ideal for athletes, fans, and coaches and come in handy for your gym time, running, or playing different sports. They are, however, only available in one size and fit women with shoe sizes ranging between 7.5 and 12, and 5.5 and 11 for men.


  • Perfect as a gift
  • Features moisture-absorbing technology
  • Retro design
  • Ideal for day-to-day use


  • Limited color choices

Final Verdict

If you want to get the best pickleball socks, many different factors come into play that will help you land your best option. In order to ease this challenge of getting the perfect pair of pickleball socks for extra comfort in your play, we came up with this review.

Are you looking for durability, comfort, and fun? Then these socks are the exact pair you need. Their lightweight design is tailored to meet all your playing needs. Furthermore, they are cool and dry to ensure that your feet do not sweat, remaining fresh throughout your play.