5 Best Pickleball Paddles

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There are many paddles to choose from online but not every paddle will suit the player. For instance, there are pickleball paddles that best suit beginner players and some for the more advanced. You can even choose your pickleball paddle by material. Below I will go into detail about which pickleball paddle is best for you and which one I think is best overall.

Comparison Chart

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SLK by Selkirk Pickleball Paddles | Featuring a Multilayer Fiberglass and Graphite Pickleball Paddle Face | SX3 Honeycomb Core | Pickleball Rackets Designed in The USA for Traction and Stability
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HUDEF Pickleball Paddle,Pickleball Rackets Lightweight Composite Fiber Wide Face Pickleball Paddle Racquet,Honeycomb Core Cushion Comfort Grip
41Ta0 4r61L. SL500
Nexxed Pro Pickleball Paddle USAPA Approved, Aerodynamic, Intermediate to Advanced Pickle Ball Paddle with Honeycomb Core and Glass Fiber Composite Face. Used for Professional Pickleball Tournaments
51iY3WsIQqL. SL500
Pickleball Paddle – Rally Graphite Power 5.0 | Honeycomb Core, Graphite/Poly Hybrid Composite Face | Paddle Cover Included | Blue/Standard Grip
41OfqUsUS2L. SL500
Selkirk Prime Pickleball Paddle | Fiberglass Pickleball Paddle with a Polypropylene X4 Core | Pickleball Rackets Made in The USA | Epic, Ocean Blue

Best Pickleball Paddle Overall

SLK Neo by Selkirk Paddle

41pwR0gSPOL. SL500

The best pickleball paddle overall for 2024 is the SLK Neo by Selkirk.

This paddle set featured a graphite face and was designed using honeycomb core technology. The paddles were made using Selkirk’s FiberFlex Fiberglass technology to help with the players’ performance on both indoor and outdoor courts.

These pickleball paddles weigh only 7.5OZ, balancing them out between lightweight paddles and medium-weight paddles. Additionally, SLK pickleball paddles use ultra-comfort grip material, which absorbs sweat and also allows you to play all day without feeling cramps in your palms afterward. Another important fact to keep in mind, lots of courts have noise restrictions, and these paddles are extremely quiet.

For the price and quality of the SLK Neo, it’s a no-brainer when I say it’s the best pickleball paddle overall. The only con I could find to this paddle was that it doesn’t come in any fun colors. The paddle either comes in black and blue or black and red; the look is very clean and professional, so it’s definitely something I can let slide.

This elongated paddle will help skilled players add more reach and power to most of their shots. The polymer honeycomb core of this paddle will add some strength and durability while keeping it at a decent weight.

This paddle’s core material will help reduce and even eliminate the chances of dead spots on the paddle. A composite core provides the paddle with strength and speed so that you can execute power shots without needing more weight.

SLK Neo Advantages

  • Made from graphite material
  • Weighs 7.5oz
  • Noise resistant

Best Pickleball Paddle for Beginners

XL 1.2 Pickleball Paddle

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When you first start playing pickleball, it’s important your paddle is the right paddle for you. You must first learn to be in control of the ball and learn to move around the court with your paddle.

The HUDEF XL 1.2 pickleball paddle is the paddle for you. Weighing in at around 8oz, it is the perfect weight to give you the right amount of control and maneuverability around the court.

When picking out your first pickleball paddle, you want a paddle that will have the best anti-slip performance. The HUDEF XL 1.2 pickleball paddle is made of an ultra-durable face. The composite fiber face has great anti-slip performance, allowing the player to have better control of the ball. At the same time, the polypropylene honeycomb core gives you a non-vibration feeling. The polymer is also the best choice for areas with noise restrictions.

When compared to other paddles, this paddle is very affordable and of the best quality for beginner players. The only downside is that some people have complained about the handle breaking after hitting the paddle on the concrete floor a few times, but the company has a 1-year warranty and honors it very well.

HUDEF XL 1.2 Advantages

  • Anti-slip performance
  • Affordable
  • Suitable for beginners

Best Pickleball Paddle for Advanced Players

Nexxed Pro Pickleball Paddle

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The name says it all. The Nexxed Pro pickleball paddle is a USAPA approved professional paddle and is qualified for use in tournaments. The paddle was made by a professional pickleball player making it the best paddle for advanced players.

Made from High Tech Core technology, the paddles’ polypropylene honeycomb core dampens the vibrations giving the player more power and maximum control. Additionally, the core absorbs the vibration and redirects that energy back to your ball and away from your elbow and arm, allowing you to play on the court for hours without getting injured or feeling sore later in the day.

Furthermore, Nexxed Pro paddle is wind resistant, allowing the player to have better control of the ball while playing at a faster speed.

If you’re ready to start playing like a professional, this is the paddle you need to switch to. I must say, it is a bummer that they don’t have different colors to choose from but I think the quality and price are worth it.

Nexxed Pro Advantages

  • High Tech core technology
  • Wind resistant
  • Great quality

Best Graphite Pickleball Paddle

The Rally Graphite Power 5.0

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You can really feel the satisfaction out on the court when playing with this paddle. With it’s super comfortable grip and broad surface area, you’re bound to play a great game.

This paddle has an enhanced sweet spot allowing the player to generate more power with less effort. The graphite material lets the paddle initiate power even when a ball hits the edge of the paddle. The Rally Graphite Power 5.0 has a vertigrab surface that spreads the ball impact evenly, leaving the player with a smoother feel, more control, and consistency in every shot.

A big downside to the paddle is the short handle. If you have big hands, this paddle will not be comfortable for you. But if you have small hands and love the game, this paddle is perfect for you! It’s medium weight and suits intermediate or advanced players.

Rally Graphite Power 5.0 Advantages

  • Enhanced sweet spot
  • Vertigrab surface
  • Short handle

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Best Buy Pickleball Paddle

The Selkirk Prime

41OfqUsUS2L. SL500

This epic (literally) Selkirks paddle, is probably the best pickleball paddle buy. It’s not the cheapest paddle you can find online but it is one of the cheapest for the quality that you’re getting.

Selkirks paddles are made with the finest materials and leading-edge technology. The paddle is made with Selkirks has proven FiberFlex Face technology and X4 core maintaining a large sweet spot and giving the player lots of control and power throughout the game.

All of Selkirks paddles are USAPA and a lot of professional pickleball players play with their paddles for the best performance. If you want to improve your skills on the court and you’re ready to purchase a more expensive paddle, this is the paddle for you. It even comes in really pretty colors!

The Selkirk Prime Advantages

  • USAPA approved
  • FiberFlex Face technology and X4 core
  • Longer handle for two-handed swings

Pickleball Paddle Buying Guide

Before you go spending your money on just any paddle on the internet, there’s so much you need to check. You need to ask yourself, what kind of player are you? Is this your first time on the court? Is this a hobby? Are you aiming to be a professional? You need to think about how often you’re going to be playing on the court throughout the week and what kind of court you will be playing on. Is it going to be outside or inside? 

Some paddles are made to be sound-resistant for noise-restricted courts. Others are wind resistant. Knowing your court and surroundings will also help you pick the proper paddle.

I know it’s easy to just browse the web and see something that looks cool so you order it instinctively, but it is important to do your research so you don’t end up wasting your money on something of poor quality that may even cause you injury in the end. 

When picking a paddle, remember, you can find lightweight paddles and some paddles that are more on the heavy side, they both have lots of pros and cons, but you need to decide which is the right fit for you and your abilities on the court.

Moreover, the material your paddle is made of is key to your performance on the court. Okay, maybe not key, but it plays a huge role in how you play. Having a good core in your paddle will help prevent injury. You want a core made from polymer to redirect the energy of the impact back to the ball and not up towards your elbow. You want to pick the best paddle so that you can spend as much time on the court without feeling sore and, of course, a paddle that has great durability. 

Below, I will detail some of the features that you need to consider when purchasing a paddle. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will be playing like a pro in no time with your new paddle!


I have already stressed this a few times, but when buying a paddle, remember to check the material. The different materials have lots of different effects on a player. 

There are a few main materials you will run into when looking for a pickleball paddle. Wood, graphite, polymer plastics, and composite. 

If you want a cheap and affordable paddle, you can go for the paddles made of wood but know that they tend to be heavier than most paddles and because they’re made of wood, they end up breaking faster. Another affordable option is polymer plastics. Unlike the wooden paddles, these paddles are lightweight and durable, but most advanced players prefer not to play with this specific material because it doesn’t perform well like other materials. 

Paddles made of graphite are a favorite amongst professional pickleball players. The material is exceptionally strong and responsive, allowing the player to have control of the ball. Graphite paddles tend to be more expensive, so if you’re looking for something affordable, I would say to really think about it when it comes to the material of your paddle. You’ll be spending more money now, but the paddle will last you longer than a wooden paddle or polymer plastic one so you’d be saving money in the long run. 

Finally, a composite paddle is composed of different materials, unlike the graphite paddle, leaving it slightly heavier than paddles made of only graphite. The combination of different materials leaves the composite paddle with a textured surface giving the player a better advantage on the court with the balls. 

Paddle Weight

The weight of your paddle is an important factor to remember when choosing your paddle. There are three options for a weight that will help you narrow down what paddle is a proper fit for you. 

A light paddle doesn’t require any arm strength, but it requires you to generate more speed when hitting the ball. Usually, a beginner will go with a medium-weight paddle because they’re still not sure how they play on the court, but in general, it’s a good choice if you want both power and control. The heavier paddles usually suit advanced players. They have more power and require arm strength. If you use heavier paddles, make sure they are a good fit for you, and you have the required arm strength for them, or you can find yourself seriously injured. 

Paddles range from around 6 to 14 ounces; that is a huge difference. If you’re not sure what would work best for you, I would recommend starting with a medium-weight paddle and then deciding what’s a better fit. 

What kind of a player are you?

When buying a paddle, you must ask yourself, what kind of player are you? 

If you are a beginner, you will learn better and faster if you get yourself a proper paddle for the start. You need a paddle that will be bigger, longer, and on the lightweight side. It will give you some control of the ball and more surface space to get the hang of the game. Once you have a better idea of what kind of pickleball player you are and even how often you’re playing during the week, only then should you change up your paddle and move on to something a bit more serious. 

Terrain Type

Most of the time, you can use the same paddle for both indoor and outdoor pickleball. Some indoor courts are noise-restricted so, you must use a paddle that doesn’t make so much noise. Nowadays, though, most players use paddles made of graphite with a polymer core, and those are noise resistant so, you really don’t need to switch paddles on the two courts. 


To sum it all up for you, make sure that the paddle you’re buying is the proper paddle for you and your level on the court. Remember that just because something is expensive, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s of the best quality. Research before you spend your money. And if you are a beginner, I highly recommend you buy yourself a paddle for beginners so you can learn to play properly. We don’t want anyone injuring themselves out there!

Also, all paddles are for everyone; there is no such thing as a paddle for men or women. Just go out there and have fun! 

As you will notice, finding the perfect pickleball paddle for you requires some research.

Regardless of your skill level, age, height, or shot preference there is a great pickleball paddle available for you.

Inexperienced players will usually start off with a lightweight racket that has an oversized hitting surface.

We hope this guide has helped you narrow down your decision when shopping for a quality pickleball paddle.

All of the information and suggestions listed above should get you off to a great start in the game of pickleball.

Always remember that this game was made for all ages and levels of expertise.

Here is a YouTube video demonstrating the Pro-Lite Rebel Powerspin:

Whether you are a young player who just started playing or a seasoned pro, we know you will benefit from our selection above.

We understand the purchase of a new paddle can be an intimidating process, but it doesn’t have to be! We wish you the best of luck in finding the paddle right for you.