Best Pickleball Nets for 2024 [Our Review and Comparisons]

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Pickleball is a racquet sport (some insist it is a paddle sport) that is growing rapidly in popularity across the world. Invented by Bill Bell and Barney McCallum in 1969, the sport looks like a mashup of tennis, ping-pong, and whiffle ball which attests to its unusual origins.

The sport was birthed literally from boredom in the summer of 1969 when the two friends, hanging out at the home of their pal Joel Pritchard on rural Bainbridge Island in Washington, came back from the golf course on a Saturday afternoon to find that while they were having fun on the links, their families were bored to tears. After hunting around the storage shed for a badminton set and coming up with everything but a shuttlecock, the two engaged in a little creative engineering.

Dropping the net down to the deck and fashioning a make-shift whiffle ball out of a small plastic ball along with a couple of plywood planks they cut into paddles, pickleball was born. The kids loved it, everyone played for hours, and rematches went on for days.
Pickleball was a hit. So, where did the name come from?

As the story goes, the paddles reminded Joan, Joel Pritchard’s wife, of rowing paddles, but kind of sad-looking ones. As such, the last boat to finish a sailing or rowing competition is called the pickle boat, following the joke that for a rowing crew coming in last, they must have stopped off to catch and pickle some fish.

After that jab, the game became officially known as pickle-ball, more commonly now spelled, pickleball. The layout of a pickleball court is similar in size and dimensions to a double’s badminton court at regulation size of 44 feet in length by 20 feet in width.
Regulation pickleball nets are 22 feet wide with 36-inch height at the poles and absolute height of 34 inches center. The court arrangement includes volley and non-volley zones, with the latter being areas within 7 feet of the net.

So, when considering an official pickleball net, keep in mind the net dimensions and use a net that maintains the fixed 34-inch center height. At the end of this article, we provide for you some pointers in selecting a pickleball net for your court that meets official specifications.

Here, we have reviewed the top-rated pickleball nets currently available on the market with all their pertinent specifications. They are listed in no particular order of rank, but we provide for you our picks at the end of the article.

Our Best Pickleball Nets Reviews and Comparisons

Comparison Chart

311LH4e00iL. SL500
Oncourt Offcourt Classic PickleNet Pickleball Net System (Set Includes Metal Frame and Net in Carry Bag)
51gC00UdeeL. SL500
A11N Portable Pickleball Net System, Designed for All Weather Conditions with Steady Metal Frame and Strong PE Net, Regulation Size Net with Carrying Bag
41dTnBSzh8L. SL500
3.0 Portable Pickleball Net System (Set Includes Metal Frame and Net in Carry Bag) | Durable and Easy to Assemble
51EBru4C83L. SL500
Rally Portable Pickleball Net System
51ymof6nkHL. SL500
ONCOURT OFFCOURT PickleNet Deluxe TAPND 22’x 34″ Oval Tubing Locking Wheels Pickleball Net System
51zczMSM9wL. SL500
Amazin’ Aces Portable Pickleball Net | Premium Net Set Includes Easy-Snap Metal Frame, Tension Strap Net, & Carry Bag for Easy Carry | Regulation Size Pickle Ball Net
51+hy83vfLL. SL500
Pro Focus Deluxe Pickleball Net – Metal Frame Portable Pickleball Net System; Outdoor Fun for Kids, Teens and Adults
51dlh8jhUOL. SL500
SwiftNet 2.1 Portable Pickleball Net System| High Tension Lightweight Carbon Fiber + Alloy Frame
41VsUccNAkL. SL500
Onix Pickleball 2-in-1 Regulation-Size Portable Net and Practice Net Set Includes Carrying Case with Wheels
51KnIz01YQL. SL500
Wolfe Pickleball Net – Tension Straps On Both Ends and Solid Center Pole, Portable Net for Pickleball – Includes Wheeled Carrying Case
51uCfvduUwL. SL500
Boulder Portable Badminton Net Set – for Tennis, Soccer Tennis, Pickleball, Kids Volleyball – Easy Setup Nylon Sports Net with Poles (Blue/Red, 17 FT)
41CKjwTSOIL. SL500
ZENY Portable Pickleball Net Set System with Metal Frame Stand and Regulation Size Net Including Carrying Bag Indoor Outdoor Game
51dBGAhkREL. SL500
Pickleball Net, Portable Pickleball Net Sets With Large Carry Case, Wind & Dirty Resistant Pickleball Net For Durable Using Professional Pickleball Net System Includes Metal Frame & Net in Carry Bag
51GOi8emMNL. SL500
Lifetime 90541 Volleyball, Paddle Badminton, & Pickleball Set
41PPtmSmi6L. SL500
Aoneky Outdoor Driveway Portable 22ft Pickleball Net – Kids Beach Soccer Tennis – Family Pickleball Game

1. PickleNet Classic Portable

311LH4e00iL. SL500

Product Highlights

OnCourt-OffCourt was founded in 1994 in Dallas, Texas by Joe Dinoffer, a Master Professional in the PTR and USPTA, who wanted to provide affordable, well-made sporting equipment for families and schools. Since its founding, OnCourt-OffCourt has become a leader in pickleball court equipment.

The PickleNet Classic by OnCourt-OffCourt is a portable, regulation-sized (22-foot width, 36-inch height) pickleball net produced by one of the original manufacturers of pickleball tournament equipment. The PickleNet Classic is a frequently-reviewed and extremely popular net among dedicated players.

The PickleNet Classic is known to be durable and easy to set up, with design features that strengthen the net (like its rectangular center strap and oval posts). Oval tubing in the design also helps to maintain rigidity and does not twist under tension.


  • Oval tubing
  • Patented rectangular center strap
  • Easy tensioning system
  • Low-arched cross brace

What We Like About PickleNet Classic Portable

The rectangular center strap is easy to use and will maintain a center height of 34-inches, great for tournament play. The center and end bases are square and broad, providing excellent stability.

All metal parts are powder-coated for rust-proofing and withstand scratches rather well. The easy to use end strap system is adjusted by a simple D-ring to set the net tension.

What We Don’t Like About PickleNet Classic Portable

The PickleNet Classic is portable, but weighing in at 32 pounds, it is meant for portability for short distances only. That is about 10 pounds heavier than most pickleball net sets.

While some users may find that uncomfortably heavy, keep in mind that weight is an advantage for good stability, especially in windy conditions.


  • Oval tubing resists twisting
  • Powder-coated metal parts
  • Regulation size
  • Heavy-duty carrying bag
  • 420D nylon net with vinyl headband


  • Heavier than most nets by about 10 pounds

2. A11N Portable

51gC00UdeeL. SL500

Product Highlights

A11N is a company based in Topeka, Kansas that produces and remarkets a variety of pickleball equipment, family games, and active sports equipment for school children and families. Its portable pickleball net system is also very popular and well-rated.

The A11N portable pickleball net system is lightweight (20 pounds) and easy to assemble, usually only takes two people less than 5 minutes to erect. The net system is very similar in design elements to the PickleNet Classic portable reviewed here.


  • Painted heavy-duty steel frame (colored yellow)
  • Durable net of 240D nylon with vinyl edge
  • Simple D-ring tensioning system
  • Center rod to prevent neg sag

What We Like About A11N Portable

The A11N portable color scheme is great for court contrast (black net with optic yellow frame) and assists players in distance judgment from the net. Assembly is fast and easy to do.

The A11N portable is suitable to be set up for a tournament regulation-sized court (22-foot width, 34-inch center) or it can accommodate a smaller (“mini mode”) makeshift court designed for practice games.

What We Don’t Like About A11N Portable

There are really no down-sides to the A11N portable, however, the lack of vinyl headband on the net makes distance judgment difficult. It is lighter in weight in comparison to the PickleNet Classic, which means that it may not be as stable on windy days.


  • Affordable (can be found for under $100, if you look around)
  • Convenient carrying bag
  • Lightweight and portable (20 pounds)
  • Made from durable materials (knot-less polyethylene net)


  • May not stand up in windy conditions
  • No vinyl headband on net

3. 3.0 Tournament

41dTnBSzh8L. SL500

Product Highlights

The 3.0 Tournament is a regulation pickleball net from Pickleball, Inc. is a widely reviewed and well-regarded pickleball net system from the original manufacturer of pickleball equipment. Founded in 1972 by the inventors of pickleball, the McCallum family, this is the company that basically started it all and now produces all of its products from their Kent, Washington plant.

Their facilities also house the Pickleball Hall of Fame and the Pickleball Museum, so they have a history and dedication to the sport which comes through in their products. The 3.0 Tournament has a mint green powder-coated, all-metal oval tube frame with broad support footers for excellent stability and can be assembled in about 8 minutes by a pair of players.


  • Lightweight (22 pounds)
  • Very broad supports for excellent stability
  • Raised crossbar for center net protection
  • Simple and reliable tensioning system

What We Like About 3.0 Tournament

The broad feet of the 3.0 Tournament is a notable feature and ensures that the net remains stable, even in windy conditions or after impact form a hard drive to the net. The crossbar is also raised and provides a 2-inch higher gap at the net bottom to allow balls to be rolled back and forth between players when changing servers.

The knotless net is durable and made of 240D nylon with nylon cloth edging and a simple D-ring tensioning system. The carrying bag that comes with it has convenient pockets for paddles and balls as well.

What We Don’t Like About 3.0 Tournament

Despite the stability advantages of the arched, broad support feet, some players feel that they pose a trip hazard if running for the ball close to the net and near the court edge. You just can’t have everything.


  • Simple to set up
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Strong frame
  • Stable design


  • Footers can get in the way if charging the net at the court edge
  • Net elastic at the bottom leaves the net loose

4. Rally Portable

51EBru4C83L. SL500

Product Highlights

The Rally Portable is another popular portable regulation pickleball net system marketed by Pickleball Central founded in 2006 out of Kent, Washington. It is identical in design features to the 3.0 Tournament by Pickleball, Inc. and essentially is a rebadged offering, but in a different color scheme (black net, white edging with an optic orange frame) with the Pickleball Central branding.


  • Wide footer supports for excellent stability
  • Lightweight (24 pounds)
  • Raised crossbar for center net protection
  • The dependable tensioning system stays put

What We Like About Rally Portable

The only differences between the Rally Portable and the 3.0 Tournament are in terms of the color scheme (optic orange vs. mint green) and weight (the Rally Portable is 24 pounds with the included ball holder). Assembly and setup are identical to the 3.0 Tournament.

For this net, your choice really comes down to which color you prefer, as both net systems perform very well and are very stable. We feel that the optic orange frame is easier to see on the court.

Customer service with Pickleball Central is very good, but there is a 10% restocking fee on returned items.

What We Don’t Like About Rally Portable

Many users would like to see a wheeled carrying bag (with end wheels). Elastic net bottom is a bit loose and a bottom cord would improve the design. As with the 3.0 Tournament, the wide arched frame footers are great for stability but can pose a tripping hazard.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy setup
  • Strong frame and brilliant color scheme
  • No-tip design


  • Bottom of the net is loose
  • Broad footer supports can be a trip hazard

5. PickleNet Deluxe Portable

51ymof6nkHL. SL500

Product Highlights

The PickleNet Deluxe Portable by OnCourt-OffCourt is another regulation pickleball net portable product with additional structural features compared with its classic product. The PickleNet Deluxe features the same 420D nylon net construction with the vinyl headband and their proprietary rectangular center strap but is attached to a powder-coated steel frame with locking 4-inch wheels.

The PickleNet Deluxe is heavier (50 pounds) than other portable net systems, but the wheels allow the net to be easily moved around after assembly by one person, whereas other designs require two people or a lot of dragging the frame around.


  • Oval tubing resists torsion
  • Rectangular center strap
  • Easy to use tensioning system
  • Flat cross brace
  • Wheels

What We Like About PickleNet Deluxe Portable

We regard the PickleNet Deluxe as the best-wheeled pickleball net on the market. It is a heavy system, but with that also comes durability and stability. It could almost be a permanent net, although the manufacturer does not recommend leaving nets out in the elements when not in use (helps to preserve their integrity).

The PickleNet Deluxe really finds its place best if used indoors, such as in a gymnasium or community center, where the wheeled frame can be left assembled and moved around or out of the way as needed.

What We Don’t Like About PickleNet Deluxe Portable

There really is not much you can say that is bad about the PickleNet Deluxe other than its weight for a “portable” frame system. The portability of the net finds its best use in indoor court situations where the wheels are a big bonus in moving the net around or off to the side for other activities.


  • Regulation size
  • Oval tubing for strength
  • Metal parts are powder-coated
  • 420D nylon net with vinyl headband
  • Wheels (4-inch) for easy repositioning
  • Heavy-duty carrying bag


  • For a portable net, it is really heavy (50 pounds)

6. Amazin’ Aces Portable

51zczMSM9wL. SL500

Product Highlights

Amazin’ Aces is a sporting goods manufacturer down in Austin, Texas and is completely specialized to pickleball gear. That is all they make and they offer quite a range of everything pickleball, from nets to paddles and all other accessories.

The Amazin’ Aces portable is a sturdy tournament regulation design with a strong frame and durable 240D knotless nylon net with all-weather treated nylon cloth edging. Assembly is quick and simple with interlocking snap together components and the overall package is very portable and lightweight.


  • Portable and lightweight (a bit less than 23 pounds)
  • Narrow, rectangular footers
  • Low center support
  • Durable net materials

What We Like About Amazin’ Aces Portable

The Amazin’ Aces portable has a very stiff and sturdy frame, with a high-arched transverse bar. Velcro straps with a D-ring system allow net tension to be maintained throughout the play.

The price point of the Amazin’ Aces portable is also notable for being less expensive than most portable pickleball net systems.

What We Don’t Like About Amazin’ Aces Portable

You cannot have everything in a net and the Amazin’ Aces portable trades off its narrow footers, which prevent foot collisions during play, with a proneness to tip over in light winds. Although you can use this outdoors in calm conditions, this net is best suited for indoor play.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable design
  • Quick setup
  • Very portable


  • Paint finish is not durable and prone to chipping
  • Will tip in light winds

7. ProFocus Official Tournament

51+hy83vfLL. SL500

Product Highlights

The ProFocus Official Tournament (also known as the ProFocus Deluxe) is a regulation pickleball net made by EastPoint Sports in Succasunna, New Jersey, and has the distinction in our list of being an all-weather pickleball net. Although it is not recommended to leave your nets out in the elements, the ProFocus Official Tournament is designed to endure more sun and rain and lasts longer than your average pickleball net.


  • Weather-resistant
  • Strong frame
  • Net tension is easy to set
  • Electric green paint for goo court contrast

What We Like About ProFocus Official Tournament

The main positive feature of the ProFocus Official Tournament is that it can be left set up outdoors for extended periods of time without worry that the net will be damaged. It is essentially made of similar materials to tennis nets that remain deployed permanently on the court.

Despite the narrow footers, the ProFocus Official Tournament is modestly resistant to tipping. The net also features a high-arched transverse beam for added frame stiffness and deep vinyl ends for strength.

What We Don’t Like About ProFocus Official Tournament

Although the Profocus Official Tournament is a so-named tournament net, the dimensions do not actually meet tournament specifications. The net center is higher than the regulation 34-inches by as much as an inch and cannot be tensioned down since the center post is a bit too long.

The end posts also position the net lower than the regulation 36 inches. Many users have also either received their nets sans net or have experienced tears along with the stitching after a few uses.


  • Durable frame
  • Weather-resistant materials
  • Bright green color scheme
  • Stable in light wind


  • Pricey
  • Not actually regulation sized

8. SwiftNet 2.1 Carbon

51dlh8jhUOL. SL500

Product Highlights

The SwiftNet 2.1 Carbon is a radical departure from standard portable tournament regulation pickleball nets and is the product of Composite Recycling Technology Center of Port Angeles, Washington in cooperation with Pickleball, Inc. The frame is comprised of recycled aerospace-grade carbon composite and aluminum materials and avoids many of the shortcomings of standard pickleball net system designs.

It is extremely light, weighing in at only 15 pounds, and can be set up for court use in only 3 minutes. The frame components do not rust or succumb to fatigue or impact damage.


  • Locking top cord for tension and consistent net height
  • Strong inverted transverse support (like an upside-down arch)
  • Broad arched footers for stability
  • Large under-net gap for ball return

What We Like About SwiftNet 2.1 Carbon

The unique physical feature of the SwiftNet 2.1 is its transverse support (Shock Corded Tensioning Boom), which hangs down across the net, suspended from the top of the lateral poles. This produces a strong net with no center support sag, so net height is consistent across the net as a gentle bow from 36-inch pole height down to the 34-inch center.

The low center support allows for easy ball pass under the net when switching servers. When set up, its durability and stiffness perform more like a permanent pickleball net that a portable net and is very stable in windy conditions.

What We Don’t Like About SwiftNet 2.1 Carbon

There are few negatives we could find about SwiftNet 2.1, however, there have been some user reports of shattered pole inserts and broken shock cords after brief use. Carbon fiber is very strong and will not dent, but can shatter if there are casting flaws in the material.


  • Very strong frame
  • Very lightweight
  • Consistent net height without sag
  • Ball hits to the tape respond more like a permanent net


  • Expensive compared with other nets (about double the price)
  • Some part breakage reported

9. Onix 2-in-1 Portable

41VsUccNAkL. SL500

Product Highlights

The Onix 2-in-1 Portable is a tournament regulation pickleball net by Onix Sports that functions as either a full-sized tournament net or can be set up in a reduced length (10 feet) for practice play. It features a black powder-coated frame with more typical rectangular footer supports and a high-arched transverse bar.

The straps of the net are notably durable and more closely resemble backpack straps. The frame, however, is made with round steel tubes that are lighter but more prone to torsion.


  • Simple Velcro and D-ring tensioners
  • Knotless 240D nylon net with treated nylon cloth edging
  • Relatively lightweight (25 pounds)
  • Carrying bag with end wheels

What We Like About Onix 2-in-1 Portable

The frame design is heavier and stiffer than many nets, despite having round and not oval tubes. The wheeled carrying bag offsets the portability issues concerning the weight of the frame system.

The center post is easy to use for setting the center’s net height. The option to set the net up on smaller areas for practice is a bonus for times off the court.

What We Don’t Like About Onix 2-in-1 Portable

Many users have commented that the bag material is thin and likely to tear with extended use (the wheels have fallen off of some bags as well). Also, some issues reported with frame twisting (likely because of round tubes).

Some users have experienced tears in the net after a few uses, mainly at the edging fabric.


  • Easy to set up
  • Wheeled carrying bag
  • Optional mini-net set-up
  • High transverse support


  • The frame can flex while setting net tension

10. Wolfe Professional

51KnIz01YQL. SL500

Product Highlights

Wolfe Sports is a small family-owned company out of Apex, North Carolina produces a wide range of racquet sports equipment including tennis, racquetball, squash, and pickleball supplies.

The Wolfe Professional is a regulation, tournament-grade portable pickleball net with a black powder-coated oval-tube steel frame. The center pole is also all-metal and not fiberglass for added durability.

The frame features a low arch transverse support for frame stiffness. Included in the set is a wheeled carrying bag for easy transport since the entire net system is nearly 28 pounds in weight.


  • Oval-tube frame
  • Sag-resistant design
  • Carry bag with wheels
  • Excellent customer service

What We Like About Wolfe Professional

The design of the Wolfe Professional is very similar to other oval tube-framed nets on our list and is just as durable. The set and takedown of the net are simple and setting net tension is easy with its Velcro and D-ring tensioners.

The main strong point of the Wolfe Professional, besides the wheeled bag since the frame is heavy, is the customer service. As a small family-owned company, Wolfe pays close attention to their customers and will respond readily to help with setup issues or damaged product.

Their dedication to pickleball is also reflected in their proprietary line of pickleball paddles, recently introduced for sale.

What We Don’t Like About Wolfe Professional

Some customers have received their nets with frame only and no net. Wolfe quickly fixed this problem for their customers, however.

The net does tend to tip over in moderate winds due to the narrower rectangular footers.


  • Strong frame with oval tubing
  • Reliable tensioning system
  • Easy setup and takedown
  • Wheeled carry bag


  • Some missing items on the shipment
  • Tip-over in moderate winds

11. Boulder Portable 17

51uCfvduUwL. SL500

Product Highlights

The Boulder Portable 17 by Boulder Sports Company in Medfield, Massachusetts is a multi-use sporting good product that can function as a pickleball, tennis, or volleyball net, but is intended for kids. It is a departure from the other products on our list, but the net is so versatile and easy to set up, we felt it is well worth being included.

If you just want a net to set up for some family fun without having to struggle with which leg bone is connected to the neck bone, then the Boulder Portable 17 is for you. It is not a regulation pickleball net but is intended for the backyard, driveway, and beach family fun.

Made from durable heavy steel tubing, set up is easy, can be done in about 3-5 minutes, and height can be adjusted by adding tubes to the support poles to a maximum height of 61 inches. The total weight of the entire net system is only 8 pounds.


  • Width: 17 feet (not pickleball regulation)
  • Strong steel tubular frame
  • Adjustable to 3 heights (lowest for pickleball)
  • Very lightweight (8 pounds)

What We Like About Boulder Portable 17

If you are not into crushing balls on a competitive court and just want a nice, easy to set up a net for family gatherings, this is the net for you. With the option to transform this kids pickleball net into a badminton, tennis, or volleyball net, you get three nets for the price of one (you can usually find the Boulder Portable 17 for at or under $100).

With broad arched footers, the net is surprisingly stable even at taller height uses. It is sturdy and very portable.

This is the ideal net for family backyard gatherings or to take along to the beach so the kids can get in some sports time. Also works well as a great volleyball net for backyard barbeques with inebriated adults (Yeah, we know. After a few beers, motor skills kinda slide a little…).

What We Don’t Like About Boulder Portable 17

As we mentioned, this is not a regulation pickleball net, but that may not exactly be what you are looking fore anyway. There are some reports of plastic parts breakage after the 30-day return period, but Boulder is very prompt in responding to customer dissatisfaction and arranged to replace the broken parts quickly.


  • Great for kids
  • Easy to set up
  • Works as a net for other racquet sports
  • Very lightweight and portable


  • Not a regulation pickleball net

12. Zeny Portable

41CKjwTSOIL. SL500

Product Highlights

Zeny Products founded in 2014 started out making camping equipment and kitchen appliances, but recently expanded into sporting goods. Based in Shenzhen, China, their US subsidiary for the sporting goods division operates out of their Ontario, California facility.

Their Zeny Portable pickleball net system is a net with a frame constructed of black painted interlocking tubular steel components with a low arch transverse support, similar to many pickleball net frames. The square tubular steel lateral footers are flat, but very long and make the net very stable in windy conditions.


  • Strong tubular steel frame (25 mm thickness)
  • All-weather 240D nylon net with treated nylon fabric edging
  • Velcro tensioners
  • Comes with 4 ground stakes

What We Like About Zeny Portable

This portable net is not lightweight coming in at 32 pounds but is very stable because of the weight and long footers. There are 4 ground stakes for added stability, but we have to admit that we have no idea how they could be used since pickleball is played on hard surfaces (wooden gym floors, concrete or blacktop driveways, parking lots).

Perhaps the stakes are for lawn tennis. Among all the nets we reviewed, it is one of the least expensive portable pickleball nets.

What We Don’t Like About Zeny Portable

There is some net sag across the net and tension is set with Velcro straps, which we assume will eventually need pba01-20nt after many uses. We found it disappointing that this seemingly well-made pickleball net frame falls short of being a regulation net.

The net center is low at 31 inches, which is 3 inches short of regulation height.


  • Durable construction
  • Thick steel tubing (25 mm)
  • All-weather net
  • Very stable
  • Very affordable


  • Bottom net elastic is not tight
  • Not regulation

13. Niupipo Portable

51dBGAhkREL. SL500

Product Highlights

The Niupipo Portable is a regulation tournament pickleball net made by Dongguan Mingxuan Carbon Fibre Technology Co of Dongguan City, China. It is constructed of heavy-gauge steel and is a very durable, albeit heavy (32 pound), frame. The net is made from all-weather 240D nylon, but does not have a vinyl headband.

The frame features a full-length center support pole.


  • Heavy-gauge steel frame
  • Full-length center pole
  • All-weather nylon net
  • Easy to assemble

What We Like About Niupipo Portable

The Niupipo Portable is a very affordable pickleball net system. Heavy steel used in the frame construction lends to wind stability and long-term durability.

Assembly is easy and can be performed in about 5 minutes.

What We Don’t Like About Niupipo Portable

The net does not feature a vinyl headband on top, so distance judgment during play is difficult.


  • Easy to set up
  • Generous-sized storage bag
  • The steel frame is strong
  • Very stable in windy conditions


  • No vinyl headband across the top of the net (hard to see the net edge)

14. Lifetime Outdoor Games Set (90541)

51GOi8emMNL. SL500

Product Highlights

Lifetime Products of Riverdale, Utah, founded in 1986, manufactures a wide variety of sporting goods from racquet sports equipment to kayaks and camping products. They are a small, quality-oriented company dedicated to making durable and affordable sporting goods for sporting enthusiasts and those who love the outdoors.

Their Lifetime Outdoor Games Set is a do-it-all starter kit for family outdoor fun and provides a full range of sporting options including pickleball, badminton, and volleyball. Set-up is quick and easy.

The powder-coated steel poles and nylon net are all-weather and will stand up to years of use. Height adjustment is through the use of telescoping support poles. The net width is only 20 feet, so this is not a tournament regulation net for pickleball play, but finds a better use for kids and backyard parties.


  • Pole bases weighted with water or sand
  • Six height adjustment settings for play
  • Comes with 4 ground stakes and guy ropes
  • Accessories included are 4 wooden paddles, 2 pickleballs, shuttlecocks, and a volleyball

What We Like About Lifetime Outdoor Games Set (90541)

As we stated with the Boulder Portable, the Lifetime net is also meant for kids and family play. It works well as a pickleball net but is not regulation width at only 20 feet.

The Lifetime Outdoor Games Set is very affordable for a product that offers 4 different games you and your family can play. To us, it looks like your family could have a lot of fun with this product.

What We Don’t Like About Lifetime Outdoor Games Set (90541)

Not a regulation pickleball net at 20 feet wide. There is also no center support, so center heights are also lower than regulation, but the net is part of a do-it-all racquet sport and volleyball system meant for recreational use.


  • Sturdy metal poles
  • Easiest setup in our list
  • Height adjustment
  • Comes with accessories for other racquet sport play (paddles, balls, shuttlecocks, volleyball)


  • Net sag
  • Not regulation for pickleball

15. Aoneky Portable

41PPtmSmi6L. SL500

Product Highlights

The Aoneky Portable is a regulation tournament pickleball net made by Shenzhen Onekeyi Technology Co. of Shenzhen, China. The Aoneky portable has all the features found in most portable pickleball nets (powder-coated tubular stainless-steel construction, simple snap-together assembly, low arch transverse support, low center fiberglass support, Velcro and D-ring tensioners, 240D nylon), but undercuts nearly all of them in price coming in at around $100 or so.

The frame and net edging are all black, which may interfere with net distance judgment. The entire system is rather light in weight at 22 pounds total.


  • Durable stainless-steel frame
  • Lightweight (22 pounds)
  • Velcro and D-ring tensioners
  • All-weather 240D nylon net

What We Like About Aoneky Portable

The Aoneky Portable is a very affordable and stable pickleball net system and stands up well to moderate wind. The metal parts are all numbered, so assembly is easy and users are unlikely to mix up the parts.

End pole footers are heavy and stay put after net assembly.

What We Don’t Like About Aoneky Portable

The all-black frame, net, and net edging may look cool, but the lack of contrast at the top of the net makes distance judgment difficult. There are also quite a few reports of customers receiving incomplete sets with missing frame parts.


  • Lightweight
  • Strong steel frame
  • Wide and heavy metal footers
  • Very affordable


  • Issues with customers receiving incomplete kits

Final Verdict

OK, after all this lengthy rigamarole, which one would we pick? If the price was no object and you wanted great portability (thinking weight here, since we hate lugging heavy stuff), the best choice is the SwiftNet 2.1. That system has everything from ease of transport to no net sag.

If the price is an issue, we would go with the Rally Portable. It has great color contrast for the court, excellent structural design, and a white vinyl headband on the net for good distance judgment.


Pickleball nets, pickleball nets, so many are available, so where to start? Here we provide for you some guidelines on selecting a regulation tournament-grade net based on features you should be on the look-out for in a good product.

Most nets you will find for easy use are portable nets and many are quite good, so there is no need to purchase a permanent net unless you have a dedicated pickleball court. Most people simply use a temporary setup such as a driveway, parking lot, community center great room, or gymnasium, so portable nets are definitely the way to go.

You can choose between standing frame nets and wheeled nets; however, the latter tend to be twice as expensive. Wheeled nets offer a portability advantage in leaving the net frame assembled while being able to move the net around or out of the way.

A wheeled net is an excellent choice for indoor play in areas that have multiple uses were moving the net, but keeping it assembled, allows for the space to be used for other purposes (think school gymnasiums). These nets can also be convenient for driveway play if you play often and do not want to leave the net out in inclement weather (simply wheel the frame into the garage).

As stated above, regulation nets are 22 feet wide, 36-inches high at the posts, 34-inches high at the center, and ideally do not sag in between the center and end posts. Structural features to focus on include powder-coated stainless steel and oval-shaped metal tubing.
Oval tubing resists torsional forces and will make for a stiffer and stronger net frame. Footers (the foot supports at the poles) are a toss-up as far as preferable design based on what you want.

Broad footers are very resistant to tip over in windy conditions if used outdoors, but can also serve as trip hazards while charging the net. Just something to keep in mind.

Also, look for nets with good center base supports that maintain the 34-inch height and help with center net stability. These ideally should also be of stainless-steel construction for durability and weight.

Another important feature to identify is the tensioner system used by the net. Avoid Velcro-only tension straps as they will tend to shred and wear out after many times of affixing and lifting the Velcro.

Velcro and D-ring buckle tensioners are more durable and hold net tension better for extended play. You should also find nets with a white vinyl headband, which provides better court contrast and improved net distance judgment.