Best Pickleball Balls

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Pickleball is one of the sports that has seen a rise in players, with more people taking up the sport as a form of exercise or to participate in tournaments. Since it’s a sport that has gained popularity in recent years, many people do not know how to pick the right equipment, including pickleball balls. 

Buying the right pickleball ball makes a world of difference in the play experience. But what exactly makes a good ball for this sport? For starters, it must be of premium quality and durable enough to withstand the outdoors. The ball should also be of the right weight and size, with the holes cut out perfectly and precisely to ensure balance and consistency during flight. 

With the vast array of brands, how do you choose the right pickleball ball for your game? This review looks at some of the best pickleball balls used by professional players and novices alike.

Comparison Chart

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Franklin Sports Outdoor Pickleballs
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GARYCE Pickleball Balls, USAPA Standard 40 Holes
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TICCI USAPA 40 Holes Outdoor Pickleballs
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VINSGUIR Pickleball Balls-40 Holes Outdoor
Pro Aviana Pickleball

Best Pickleball Balls Reviews

Franklin Sports Outdoor Pickleballs 

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If you are a frequent pickleball player or tend to misplace your balls, then these 12-pack Franklin Sports Outdoor Pickleballs are for you. They are some of the most economical balls you will find in the market. In addition, this 12-pack offers you the best per-ball unit price, as competitor brands often have between three and six balls in every pack. 

The balls are approved by USAPA for professional play and are resistant to easy cracking due to the rotational molding utilized in their design. In addition, you can get these pickleball balls in three prominent colors that add to the ball’s visibility.


Franklin Sports Outdoor Pickleballs balls have sturdy construction with a hard-wearing design that makes them ideal for use on outdoor courts. In addition, you can get these balls in pink and dark green shades (and white), making them perfect for you if you are searching for a superior quality pickleball ball, offering excellent contrast against the environment outside. 

These pickleball balls will be an excellent addition to your pickleball gear, particularly if you prefer heavier balls for use outdoors. Each ball weighs 26 grams and their construction utilizes hard-wearing plastic to make them extra durable. 

Turning our attention to the construction, we find that it has a seamless design that helps prevent excessive wear and splitting following heavy playing sessions. 

The balls are available in a dark pink shade or a bright neon green color. This is particularly helpful because the X-40 stands out in all outdoor playing surroundings. 

In addition, the balls have 40 precision-drilled holes around their smooth surfaces. This gives them excellent predictability and control in all weather conditions. If your taste is more of the unique, hard-wearing pickleball balls that USAPA approves, look no further than the Franklin Sports Outdoor Pickleballs – X-40 Pickleballs. 


  • Cost-efficient
  • Available in various colors
  • Highly durable thanks to rotational molding
  • 40 holes, precision-drilled for straight flight
  • Spinning is easy during play


  • Fast, thus unsuitable for beginners

GARYCE Pickleball Balls

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With the GARYCE pickleball balls, you get a fantastic ball design with excellent weld seams for enhanced durability while also providing resistance to splitting. In addition, these balls offer unmatched playability, consistent flight, and the ultimate precision to elevate your gameplay. They have perfectly round, strategically aligned holes that are precision drilled to give optimal balance. 

The engineering of these outdoor balls is tailored for the pickleball sport. The GARYCE brand utilizes exclusive material and a proprietary formula to produce the most authentic and consistent bounce you will get in this game.


These pickleball balls from the GARYCE brand feature 40 uniquely tailored ball holes to help in reducing wind resistance and give the pickleball ball a more stable flight path. The balls also have an improved ability to bounce, providing them with a much more powerful bounce. In addition, the engineering of the ball is with the hard court and outdoor playing in mind.

Thanks to the PP material used to make these outdoor pickleball balls, the balls bounce more consistently. Furthermore, special welding helps add to the durability of the bulk pickleball balls. Following many tests, we are now assured these outdoor pickleball balls will not become deformed after extended striking durations.

Quality and durability are other standout features of these pickleball balls. The outdoor balls have been tailored explicitly for the pickleball sport and fly straight, fast, and accurately. With these balls, you are guaranteed that you have made the right decision, both as a professional player and a novice just getting started in the pickleball sport. 

Additionally, these balls have no age restrictions, as anyone can use them. Therefore, professional and beginner-level athletes can improve their practical pickle skills with this pickleball ball, outdoors or indoors.

You get a net bag to carry the pickleball balls to ease the challenge of transporting and storing the balls. Moreover, complaints regarding any product are promptly addressed within 24 hours. 


  • High bounce consistency
  • Perfect for all ages
  • High-quality and durable
  • Superior balance 


  • Too bouncy for some
  • Not ideal for the outdoors

TICCI USAPA 40 Holes Outdoor Pickleballs 

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The TICCI USAPA 40 holes outdoor pickleball balls are among the best pickleball balls you will ever come across. The balls have 40 holes, precisely drilled to give you the best playing experience. These TICCI balls are USAPA-approved for use during practice and in tournament play to bring the best out of you. 


The USA Pickleball Association, USAPA, has approved these TICCI Pickleball balls for use during pickleball tournament play. This means they will not disappoint or underwhelm you as you try to beat fellow pickleball enthusiasts or professionals.

With a weight of 26 grams and a 74mm diameter, the dimensions of this pickleball ball meet the standards of USAPA in size, structure, bounce hardness, design, and weight. This makes it perfect for every skill level.

The 40 precisely drilled holes of the ball are tailored to reduce wind interference, giving you a more balanced and straighter flight pattern, unmatched spin, and consistent bounce.

With superiorly welded seams, the ball provides outstanding durability and resistance to cracking and dents. In addition, it has a mid-range hardness to ensure that every shot gets maximum bounce, with its lightweight construction giving you optimal control of the ball during the pickleball game. 

You can get these balls in two highly-visible color varieties, guaranteeing proper visibility even in dimly lit playing spaces. In addition, you can play with this ball on all types of surfaces, be it wood floor, cloth floor, or hard floor. Finally, the pickleball ball is economical because it lasts longer, meaning you save on the amount that would otherwise go into replacing the balls following damage.


  • It has a precise design
  • USAPA-approved pickleball
  • Exceptional control and maximum bounce
  • Official weight and size
  • Has lasting durability 


  • Unideal bounce on indoor courts
  • Suited better for practice 

VINSGUIR Pickleball Balls – 40 Holes

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The VINSGUIR sports brand is an organization that is committed to and focused on the delivery of high-performance, superior quality, and high-protection gear to you as a sports enthusiast. This guarantees that the VINSGUIR Pickleball balls will meet your expectations and improve your gameplay.


The 40 ball holes are precisely machine-drilled to enhance their flight stability while following an excellent flight path. With the average bounce of the ball at 32 inches, you get a positive response following each hit. In addition, the design of the ball enhances its performance in outdoor settings, though you can use it outdoors and indoors. 

The VINSGUIR pickleball balls are constructed using superior-quality smooth plastic with 40 precise, machine-drilled holes. The holes serve to help the ball overcome strong resistance from the wind and also help in making the flight path more balanced. In addition, Vinsguir balls have a systematically tailored structure that allows them to pop from the pickleball paddles quickly and with more power.

Dimensions of these balls are 74mm diameter, 40d hardness, and 25 grams weight, and as such, they meet the standards of USAPA. This is together with a ball hardness of 40d. The ball construction utilizes PP material capable of bearing high-intensity, aggressive play hours. During the testing phase of the balls, they are subjected to more than 2000 hitting capabilities without deforming. 

They are constructed using smooth molded material with a uniform yellow color and 40 equally spaced circular holes. The professional design of this pickleball equipment facilitates a higher performance level from the player using them.

The construction of these balls pays attention to quality and durability. They are outdoor balls made using rigid, durable plastic that employs exceptional seam welding technology. The result is genuine “one-piece” balls with molding marks that are smoother than other balls. 

You can use these balls regardless of your player level, with the balls also being equally valid for young and older people, pro pickleball players, and beginners. Their yellow color adds to their visibility, rendering them visible even under strong sunlight. The package includes a pair of portable, reusable mesh bags for added organization and transportation convenience, with a nylon thread helping to toggle and hang conveniently.


  • Easy storage and high portability
  • Sturdy construction high durability 
  • Ideal for all paddles and courts
  • High elasticity and outstanding balance
  • Satisfies USAPA standards


  • Not the best performance outdoors 

Pro Aviana Pickleball

These outdoor Pro Aviana Pickleball balls are USAPA approved for sanctioned play and tournaments and make awesome practice balls. They are ideal for all levels of players and are designed with both beginners and professional pickleball players in mind. As such, most instructors, coaches, and players tend to prefer using these balls.  


You can easily transport the Pro Aviana Pickleball balls since the six and 12 packs have a plastic storage case. The 48-pack, on the other hand, features a mesh drawstring bag that keeps the pickleball balls safe. Pickleball players desire the ability to bounce consistently throughout their game, which you get with Pro Aviana outdoor pickleball balls. The ball has 40 perfectly drilled holes to distribute its weight equally. 

The Pro Aviana pickleball ball is USAPA approved and has undergone testing prior to USAPA approval for sanctioned tournament play. Play and practice using the best pickleball balls to enhance your skills and stay ahead of other players. 

These are high-performance balls that are tournament ready to deliver consistent bounces, thanks to their Authentic Bounce Technology.

Manufacture and design take into consideration pro pickleball athletes. For excellent balance, these single-mold pickleball balls have 40 precision-drilled holes that form a seamless balance. In addition, they offer unmatched accuracy and precision in all your tournaments and practice sessions.

Another impressive feature of these balls is their straight flight path. They have a weighted construction tailored to fly straight in adverse outdoor conditions without compromising every shot’s aero dynamism and fluidity. Use these balls to enhance your skills, as they are one of the best pickleball gear you will find on the market. 

They are ideal for players of all levels, whether beginner or advanced. Children, teens, and adults may also use the balls. One package will include 12 high-performance yellow pickleball balls. 


  • Premium design
  • Perfect for players of all levels
  • USAPA approved
  • Long lasting durability 


  • The balls are rather heavy

Final Verdict

Pickleball is among the most versatile racket sport available. It is a sport you can play all year round, outdoors or indoors, with a different number of participants, either two or four. The ball is an integral part of the sport, so you must ensure you only go for the best quality. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a newbie to the sport looking to move your game a level higher, you need to have the ideal pickleball ball for your playing style.

You must first check the material when you shop for a pickleball ball. If pressing an indention into the ball is easy, it will likely be prone to dead spots and not bounce correctly. Another critical aspect is ensuring the ball has been cleanly made and has evenly dispersed holes. You get the balance from the holes. Therefore, if anything is incorrect, the probability of the ball “waffling” or wavering in the air is high.